Digital Tools and Uses - Congress
The first international Digital Tools & Uses Congress is a multidisciplinary conference devoted to study the uses and development of digital tools. It aims at assembling five interrelated symposia: 1) Web Studies, 2) Challenges of IoT, 3) Recommender systems, 4) Archives and social networks, and 5) Digital Frontiers. The intention of this consortium is to approach a common object of study from different perspectives in order to enrich the discussion and collaboration between participants.
When: -
Where: Université Paris 8 - Vincennes-Saint-Denis
2, rue de la Liberté

Keynote speakers

Wew are thrilled to announce this edition keynote speakers:


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Wednesday, October 3
9:30-10:00 Opening
Auditorium, MSH Paris Nord.
General Co-chairs I. Saleh (Laboratoire Paragraphe) and G. Azemard (Laboratoire Paragraphe, IDEFI CreaTIC), and Program Chairs
10:00 - 11:00 Keynote address
Auditorium, MSH Paris Nord.
Mark Bernstein (Eastgate, USA)
Exercises in Links: Hypertext Style
Moderator: Everardo Reyes
11:00 - 11:15 Coffee break
11:15 - 12:45 IOT session 01.
Session chair: Samuel Szoniecky

Smart Objects Ecosystem for Post-Stroke Upper Limbs’ Motor Functions Monitoring
M. Bobin, M. Anastassova, M. Boukallel, F. Bimbard, M. Ammi (Université Paris XI, France)

The Tangible Sounds : a sound system for Interactive Tabletops
L. Cossou, C. Louison, S. Bouchigny, M. Ammi (Université Paris-Sud, France)

The augmented documents: towards a multiplicity of supports and an extension of the life of the print
N. Elmqaddem (Ecole des Sciences de l’Information, Marroco)

WS. Session 01.
Session chair: Orélie Desfriches

Tool criticism: From digital methods to digital methodology
M. Wieringa, K. Van Es, M. Schäfer (University of Utrecht, Netherlands)

Development of a web site
M. Lortie (UQAM, Canada)

WebVR based Interactive Visualization of Open Health Data
H. Hadjar, A. Meziane, R. Gherbi, I. Setitra, N. Aouaa (CERIST, Algiers, Algeria)

12:45 - 14:15 Lunch break
14:15 - 15:45 CIBAHN. Session 01.
Session chair: Jean-Marc Salmon

Valorisation of a pedagogical digital archive: The example of an ebook enriched from an ontology
J.-M. Meunier (Université Paris 8, France)

Putting the cultural data of digital libraries in narrative: virtual exhibition and research-creation
A. Laborderie (BNF, France)

Open Access to Digital Information at the University for Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland
G. Joullie Dardier (Haute Ecole Specialisee de Suisse Occidentale, Switzwerland)

WS. Session 02.
Session chair: Sarah Labelle

Une analyse de Twitter pour mieux comprendre les acteurs de la communication des nouvelles drogues et leur discussion
M. Tanti, P. Roux, S. Fossey, L. Madrid-Briand, P. Carrieri, B. Spire (Aix Marseille Univ, France)

What is the identity of Digital Humanities in interdisciplinary practices ?
O. Desfriches-Doria, H. Sergent, F. Tran, Y. Haettich, J. Borel (Université Lyon 3, France)

Information Behavior within a Digital Environment: The Case of Telecom Network Unit Managers
D. Lekic (Université Paris 8, France)

15:45 - 16:45 Keynote
Auditorium, MSH Paris Nord.
Vincent Puig (IRI Centre Pompidou, Paris, France)
How to articulate the computable and the incalculable: the Digital studies approach
Moderator: Everardo Reyes
16:45 - 17:00 Coffee break
17:00 - 18:00 Keynote
Auditorium, MSH Paris Nord.
Jean-Philippe Moreux (Director of digital projets at Bibliothèque Nationale de France and Gallica scientific expert)
Le projet Corpus : préfiguration de services pour la recherche en Humanités numériques à la Bibliothèque nationale de France
Moderator: Arnaud Laborderie
Thursday, October 4
9:30-10:00 InWors posters session
Session chair: Gérald Kembellec

Multimodal Transport, Smart parking, Multi-Agents systems, Multi-objective Optimization
Mohamed El Moufid (Research Foundation for Development and Innovation in Science and Engineering, Morocco)

A Multi-Agent Recommender System Using social networks
Fatma Siala (University of Manouba, Tunisia)

DTUC book series presentation
ISTE & Open Science
10:00 - 11:00 Keynote address
Auditorium, MSH Paris Nord.
Alessandro Panconesi (Sapienza, Roma, Italy)
Together We Buy, Alone I Quit
Moderator: Fatma Siala
11:00 - 11:15 Coffee break
11:15 - 12:45 InWors. Session 01.
Session chair: Raphaël Fournier-S’niehotta

Recommending Scientific Papers The Role of Citation Contexts
M. Bertin, I. Atanassova (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France)

Predicting personal academic and career roads: first steps toward multi-uses recommender systems
A. Nadjem (Université d’Avignon, France)

Short Review of Sentiment-Based Recommender Systems
V. Barrière (Telecom ParisTech, France), G. Kembellec (CNAM, France)

WS. Session 03.
Session chair : Maranke Wieringa

Crossplatform References on Social Media
A. Segault (Université Paris Nanterre, France)

Systematic Analysis of Web Browser Caches
H. Viet Nguyen, L. Iacono, H. Federrath (TH Köln, Germany)

Datagame: Crowdsourcing, Metrics & Traces
J. Alvarez (Université de Valenciennes, France)

12:45 - 14:15 Lunch break
14:15 - 15:45 CIBAHN. Session 02.
Session chair: Jean-Philippe Moreux

The experience of building visual archives of the Tunisian uprising
J.-M. Salmon (Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, France)

Archives in the era of big data: the challenges of archiving digital data
F. Ben Amor, A. Mkadmi (University of Manouba, Tunisia)

BeQuali: a digital archive platform in social sciences
S. Cadorel, E. Juillard (Sciences Po Paris, France)

IOT session 02.
Session chair: Hakim Hachour

Sensor-based smart hot-desking for improvement of office well-being
K. Berelson, F. Simini, T. Tryfonas, P. Cooper (University of Bristol, UK)

Emergence based access control : New approach to secure the Internet of things
A. Abou Elkalam, A. Outchakoucht, H. Es-Samaali (Ecole Nationale des Sciences Appliquées, Morocco)

Privacy Representation in the Internet of Things Using Pretopological Theory
A. Toumia (Université Paris 8, France)

15:45 - 16:45 Keynote address
Auditorium, MSH Paris Nord.
Médialab, Sciences Po, Paris, France
Hyperlink is not dead!
Moderator: Everardo Reyes
Friday, October 5
10:00 - 11:00 Keynote adress
Auditorium, MSH Paris Nord.
Pr. Elhadj Benkhalifa (Staffordshire University, UK) Enablers and Inhibitors for the IoT as an Ecosystem for Sustainable Growth
Moderator: Imad Saleh
11:00 - 11:15 Coffee break
11:15 - 12:45 IOT session 03.
Session chair: Mehdi Ammi

Design des objets connectés : pour une conception orientée médiation
B. Arruabarrena (CNAM, France)

LIDO un langage de modélisation pour le développement de solutions pour l’internet des objets
T. Ben Hassine, O. Khayati, H. Ben Ghezala (ENSI, Tunisia)

Blockchain et intelligence collective pour le design des connaissances de l’Internet des Objets
S. Szoniecky (Université Paris 8, France)

InWors. Session 02.
Session chair: Gérald Kembellec

Online Reviews as a Genre
P. Almiron-Chamadoira (University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, Spain)

Online Reviews: Objective Evaluation or Subjective Evaluation in Digital Social Media
Z. Feng (University of Lille, France) ; L. Favier (University of Lille, France)

12:45 - 14:15 Lunch break
16:00 - 16:30 Remote presentations
Tour Montparnasse, Centre de Veille et d’Innovation (CVI) CreaTIC

An Innovative Multifunction System for Text Recognition of Digital Resources Reproducing Ancient Handwritten and Hand-Printed Artifacts
Video M4V (46.4 Mb)
N. Barbuti, T. Caldarola (University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy)

From Digital Cultural Heritage to Digital Culture
Video M4V (31.1 Mb)
N. Barbuti (University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy)

A Data Viz Platform as a Support to Study, Analyze and Understand the Hate Speech Phenomenon
Video M4V (46.5 Mb)
A. Capozzi, G. Ruffo, V. Patti, C. Bosco (Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy)

16:30 - 17:00 Closing DTUC
Tour Montparnasse, Centre de Veille et d’Innovation (CVI) CreaTIC
17:00 - 20:00 Reception cocktail
Tour Montparnasse, Centre de Veille et d’Innovation (CVI) CreaTIC
Authors and speakers: please join us for drinks and snacks at this landmark Parisian place. Enjoy the view of the city while exploring innovative projects and making new connections. To access the CVI, enter at 33, avenue du Maine (Métro Montparnasse). Then take the elevator to the 5th floor. Ring the doorbell "CréaTIC".

Among other things to do in Paris the weekend, on Saturday Oct. 6, there is La Nuit Blanche, when all Paris is sleepless with art exhibitions. On Sunday Oct. 7, most Museums are free, as it is the 1st Sunday of the month.


The first international Digital Tools & Uses Congress is a multidisciplinary conference devoted to study the uses and development of digital tools. It aims at assembling five interrelated symposia: 1) Web Studies, 2) Challenges of IoT, 3) Recommender systems, 4) Archives and social networks, and 5) Digital Frontiers. The intention of this consortium is to approach a common object of study from different perspectives in order to enrich the discussion and collaboration between participants.

Each one of the congresses afore mentioned has already taken place separately. The endeavor is now to consolidate relationships that bring together theory and practice, technics and humanities, human and artificial agents, sciences and arts. Scholars and practitioners will gather in one place and learn from each other within an inviting environment, blurring boundaries between disciplines and schools.

For this reason, each one of the five independent symposia is presented below as a track of the Digital Tools & Uses Congress and will take place simultaneously during the three days of the congress.

We are thankful to the amazing partners and international colleagues that have accepted to accompany us in this endeavor. We expect this first edition of the Digital Tools & Uses Congress to offer a wide variety of insights and scientific developments at the crossing point of sciences and humanities.


The books of proceedings are published by ACM ICPS and will be available at the moment of the conference, both through the ACM Digital Library and on-site (USB memory stick).

DTUC ’18. Digital Tools & Uses Congress.
ISBN 978-1-4503-6451-5/18/10
Edited by E. Reyes, S. Szoniecky, A. Mkadmi, G. Kembellec, R. Fournier-S’niehotta, F. Siala-Kallel, M. Ammi & S. Labelle

WS.2 2018. International conference on Web Studies
ISBN 978-1-4503-6438-6/18/10
Edited by E. Reyes, M. Bernstein, G. Ruffo & I. Saleh

A selection of best papers will be invited to publish extended versions in form of book chapters under the series Digital Tools & Uses at ISTE & Wiley (indexed by Wiley Online Library).

Latest books in the collection Digital Tools and Uses:

Collective Intelligence and Digital Archives Designing Interactive Hypermedia Systems The Image-Interface Internet of Things Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing Recommender Systems Eyestrain Reduction in Stereoscopy

Important dates

Deadlines for authors:
• Congress: Oct. 3-5, 2018
• Late registration:
• Early registration: August 1, 2018
• Camera-ready papers due: July 16, 2018
• Notification to authors: June 29, 2018
• Paper Submission: May 14, 2018

Submission system

Please check each track for the preferred submission system. In any case, do not submit one same submission to multiple tracks. However, you can submit up to 3 different submissions in general.


Tracks and Subtopics

Web studies

Seeing through the web: tools, practices, and impacts

2nd edition of the international conference on Web Studies

Track chairs:
• Everardo Reyes (Université Paris 8, France)
• Mark Bernstein (Eastgate Systems, USA)
• Giancarlo Ruffo (Università di Torino, Italy)


Cross points of view on Recommender Systems

2nd edition of the international conference Interdisciplinary Workshop on Recommender Systems

Track chairs:
• Gérald Kembellec (Cnam, France)
• Raphaël Fournier-S’niehotta (Cnam, France)
Fatma Siala Kallel (ISAM Manouba, Tunisia)

Internet Of Things Challenges

Techniques, uses, ethics

3rd edition

Track chairs:
• Mehdi Ammi (Université de Paris Sud, France)
• Samuel Szoniecky (Université Paris 8, France)


2nd edition of the international conference on Libraries and Archives in the Digital Humanities Era

Track chairs:
Abderrazak Mkadmi (ISD, Manouba University, Tunisia)

Digital Frontiers

Digital influences, from communication to propaganda

5th edition

Track chairs:
• Hakim Hachour (Université Paris 8, France)
• Imad Saleh (Université Paris 8, France)


General Co-Chairs

Ghislaine Azemard : Head of UNESCO Chair in « Innovation, Transmission, Édition Numériques », Director of Idefi CreaTIC, Université Paris 8, France
Imad Saleh : Director of Paragraphe Lab, Universities Paris 8 & Cergy Pontoise, France

International Scientific Committee of the Congress

Abderrezak Dourari : CNPLET, Alger, Algeria
Antonio Carlos Xavier : NEHTE, Universitade Federal De Pernanbuco, Brazil
Arnaud Regnauld : TransCrit, Université Paris 8, France
Aura Conci : Federal Fluminense University, Brazil
Bertrand Gervais : Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les arts et les littératures numériques, Université du Québec, Montréal, Canada
Brigitte Juanals : IRSIC, Aix-Marseille Université, France
Brigitte Trousse : Researcher in AI, Université Côte d'Azur, Inria, Sophia Antipolis & President of France Living Labs, France
Chen Yan : Director Institute of Art and Design, Beijing, China
Eric Sanchez : CERF, University of Fribourg, Suisse
Esma Aimeur : Groupes: HERON, GRITI, Université de Montréal, Canada
Giancarlo Ruffo : Università di Torino, Italy
Henda Ben Ghezala : Directrice du laboratoire RIADI-ENSI, University of la Manouba (Tunisia)
Ioan Roxin : ELLIADD, Université de Franche Comté, France
Ioan Tabus : Signal Processing Laboratory, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland
Ion Smeureanu : Department of Economic Informatics and Cybernetics, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
James C.N. Yang : National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
Jie Lu : Director of Center for Artificial Intelligence, Associate Dean Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Johanna Drucker : Professor of Information Studies, UCLA, USA
Jussi Parikka : Professor in Technological Culture & Aesthetics, Winchester School of Art/University of Southampton, UK
Khaled Ghédira : Rector, Université Centrale, Tunisia
Khalid Mekouar : President of ESISA, Fes, Morocco
Mark Bernstein : Chief scientist of Eastgate, Boston, USA
Matthew Fuller : Professor of Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
Mauricio Vega Zafrané : Departemento de Diseno, Universidas del Cauca, Colombia
Okba Kazar : Smart computer science laboratory, Biskra University, Algeria
Omar El Beqqali : Faculty of Sciences D.M. U.S.M.B.A. - FES, Morocco
Pierre Gedeon : Lebanese Canadian University, Beirut, Lebanon
Pierre Lévy : Chair in Collective Intelligence, Ottawa, Canada
Rachid Chelouah : Ecole Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l'Information, Cergy Pontoise, France
Renée Bourassa : Ecole de Design, Université Laval, Canada
Salim Hariri : Director of Autonomic Computing Laboratory (ACL), The University of Arizona (USA)
Serge Miranda : Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France
Shyan-Ming Yuan : Director, Library, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Stéfan Sinclair : Professor of Digital Humanities, McGill University, Canada
Sylvie Leleu-Merviel : DeVisu, Université de Valenciennes, France
Theo Tryfonas : Director of PG Research Studies, School of Civil, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol, UK
Tuan Nguyen : Faculty of Computer Networks & Communications University of Information Technology, VNUHCM, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Yifan Li : President of the Beijing University of Graphic Communication, China
Yun Xiao : Director of New Media Technology & Application Computer Network Information Center of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Venue & Registration


MSH Paris Nord

20 Avenue George Sand, 93210 Saint-Denis

MSH Paris Nord


Full conference registration

Role Fee
Regular / Authors
(without gala dinner)
100 euros
ACM/SIG Members 80 euros
Student as author
(without gala dinner)
100 euros
General Public / Attendees
(without gala dinner and coffee breaks, you should also register here)

Conference fee includes access to all sessions, publication, lunch, and coffee breaks.

Please note:
• Each accepted paper must have at least one registered author to the conference.

• Registrations must me completed before July 10 2018 in order to ensure your paper will be included in the publication proceedings.

• The easiest way to pay registration is onsite via check or cash. French scholars can address the check to "Agent Comptable Université Paris 8", you can also pay by PayPal :


For the congress, probably the best place to get a room is the Paris 18th arrondisement. Specially those neighborhoods around the Metro Line Ligne 12, which takes you directly to the MSH Paris Nord.

Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions
Digital Tools and Uses Congress
October 3-5, 2018
MSH Paris Nord. 20 Avenue George Sand, 93210 Saint-Denis

Upon acceptance, at least one author of the paper is expected to register and to present the research orally on-site during the days of the congress.

Registration fee is 100 euros. It covers inscription, publication, coffee breaks, lunch, and access to all tracks of DTUC’18.

Payment modality: you can do it on-site during the days of the conference. Checks and cash are the preferred mode.

Receipt: please check the box in the registration form, so you can pick your receipt at the front desk.

Letter of Invitation and Certificate of Assistance: please check the box in the registration form, so you can pick your receipt at the front desk.

If you do not plan to attend the conference, please inform the track chairs by no later than July 31.

Cancellation to participate in the congress implies not to be included in the conference proceedings.

ACM will publish the proceedings of the Digital Tools & Uses Congress in the ACM Digital Library within its International Conference Proceedings Series.

Accepted authors will be sent the ACM rights management form and complete instructions.

All rights management forms must be submitted and approved four weeks prior to the congress.

After completing their rights management form, authors will be emailed the correct rights text and bibliographic strip to place within their paper.

Data protection
The Digital Tools and Uses Congress and all its members (scientific committee and partners) commit to respect all data collected from this registration form and other submission platforms. Under no circumstances your data will be made public or transmitted to tier parties.

Visual imagery
As an author and participant of the congress, you are allowed to take pictures inside the MSH Paris Nord, Université Paris 8, Tour Montparnasse and other social activities places (unless noted differently). You consent that the Digital Tools and Uses Congress take pictures of participants and use them for communication, educational or scientific purposes only.

Code of conduct
Our conference, including all the tracks and social activities, is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment of conference participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any conference venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media. Conference participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference without a refund at the discretion of the conference organizers .

The conference is committed to provide a constructive scenario to discuss and advance scientific and educational research. Please prefer motivational and constructive dialogue instead of destructive or negative postures.

You can address specific, thematic or scientific questions directly to the track chairs.
• Imad Saleh |
• Samuel Szoniecky |
• Everardo Reyes |
• Gérald Kembellec |
• Abderrazak Mkadmi |
• Hakim Hachour |

Contact & Credits

General International Chair:
• Imad Saleh |

Iot Challenges:
• Samuel Szoniecky |
• Mehdi Ammi |

Web Studies:
• Everardo Reyes |

• Gérald Kembellec |
• Raphaël Fournier-S’niehotta |
• Fatma Siala-Kallel |

• Abderrazak Mkadmi |

Digital Frontiers:
• Hakim Hachour |

Besides, PhD students can contact directly Amri Toumia |

• Website: E. Reyes, S. Szoniecky
• Photo: E. Reyes, view from IDEFI CréaTIC, Tour Montparnasse
• Flock animation: Mr. Doob, birds three.js