Digital Tools and Uses - Congress
The first international Digital Tools & Uses Congress is a multidisciplinary conference devoted to study the uses and development of digital tools. It aims at assembling five interrelated symposia: 1) Web Studies, 2) Challenges of IoT, 3) Recommender systems, 4) Archives and social networks, and 5) Digital Frontiers. The intention of this consortium is to approach a common object of study from different perspectives in order to enrich the discussion and collaboration between participants.
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Where: Université Paris 8 - Vincennes-Saint-Denis
2, rue de la Liberté

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Vincent Puig

IRI Centre Pompidou, Paris

Speech Title

How to articulate the computable and the incalculable: the Digital studies approach


In a context of increasing automation and generalized algorithmic governmentality [1] , it is more than ever necessary to invent new tools for producing knowledge that articulate calculation and interpretation in the same way that a musician or an actor needs to master his score almost automatically to be able to overcome it. Together with Bernard Stiegler, we claimed for "Thinking is improvising", within the framework of a project conducted in 2015 with Bernard Lubat and the festival Les inattendues of Tournai [2]. In fact, the work that we have been conducting at IRI for 10 years attempts to explore this space between calculable and incalculable by reconsidering all knowledge, know-how or savoir-vivre from the technological, but also the social and biological instruments that produces them as well as a new conception of what is working in a contribution economy [3]. This so-called organological approach, developed today within the Digital Studies [4] and the Real smart cities networks [5], involves the development of new data architectures, new deliberative social platforms and new tools, of which we will propose a functional typology with examples including : annotation and categorization (Lignes de temps, IconoLab,, Browse by motion), contribution (polemictweet), visualization (Visual sedimentation), recommendation for the formation of groups, editorialization (Renkan, HCut) and deliberation (ePLANETe).

[1] ROUVROY Antoinette, BERNS Thomas, La gouvernementalité algorithmique, Réseaux, 2013


Vincent Puig is Executive Director of IRI Centre Pompidou, France. Initiated in 2006 and directed by Bernard Stiegler, the Institut de Recherche et Innovation became an independent research association whose administrative board members are the Centre Pompidou, the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, Microsoft France, the Goldsmiths College, the University of Tokyo, Mines-Telecom, Ars Industrialis and France Télévisions. IRI primarily explores the field of digital studies and it has been producing tools with the intention of creating a hermeneutical and contributive Web. Mr. Puig has been co-director of IRI since 2006, and he was previously director of Scientific Valorization at IRCAM.